Classification Of Essays

Classification Of Essays

Essay is a composition of a prosaic character, characterized by free form of writing and relatively small volume. The author expresses his/her personal opinion on a specific problem or issue, and they do not offer an exhaustive interpretation of the solution of the problem. The last point is very important, because one of the tasks of an essay is to make the reader think about what they have read.

It is worth noting that essays have their own extensive classification.

According to the content, essays may be divided into:

  • spiritual and religious works;
  • essays of artistic and journalistic content;
  • there may also be works of the artistic nature;
  • you can also find essays of historical content;
  • in addition, there are works that can be described as literary-critical; 
  • quite a common form is an essay of philosophical content.

There is also a classification according to literary form. There are the following types: 

  • essay in the form of written letters;
  • essay written by the author in the form of text, which is often used by people to make entries in their diaries;
  • the work that the author has written in the form of notes or notes themselves;
  • a lyrical miniature (quite common);
  • the work written in the form of a review, etc.
Essays are also classified according to the following types:
  • of analytical nature;
  • critical essays;
  • of reflexive type;
  • narrative essays;
  • descriptive essays.

If we talk about the types of works, then the basis of the composition is formed by a certain genre component.

Traditional classification of an essay

Also, this work can be divided into two groups. Each of them is quite large:

  • the first group includes the subjective, where the task of the work is to reveal the author's main element - a certain side of the author; 
  • the second group includes the objective. Here, the personal principle has a clear subordination to a certain idea of the author or the subject of the description.

The author of an essay has to take into account all these points.

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