The History Of An Essay

The History Of An Essay

In fact, essay is a kind of composition. The author does not aim to reproduce facts, they want to demonstrate the association, to show their thoughts about a certain problem or question, and also to express their impressions. This kind of work usually contains neither analyses of the situation nor analyses of the work. In fact, the aim is to show their subjective attitude to a particular issue.

The history of the emergence of this genre takes its origins in the 16th century, during the period of the creative activity of the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne. The philosopher demonstrates to the reader his thoughts both about people and about the whole society. Since then, the essay began to be used by many writers, and later students, researchers and ordinary people who tried their hand at this genre.

The first name of this genre was given by the English writer Francis Bacon, who began to use the term "essays". In 1609, the English playwright Ben Johnson used the word “essayist”.

The history of the formation of an essay genre

The term "essay" was the most common in Poland, France and England. Over time, this literary genre was used in Germany, though it had another name there - "skitzo", which is translated as a fragmented story, a sketch.

Essay was most popular in the twentieth century. This genre was used by famous poets, writers and philosophers. In the last century, essays were used not only by famous people. The works of this genre were published in newspapers and magazines of various fields.

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